Why is this blog so UGLY

AND, hard to read to boot.

The short answer: intentionally.
The rumor: because I can't create a decent UX even if my life depended on it. (Dont believe it).

So why so ugly and hard to read? Stats and Tracking, and selective user targeting.

Lots of people will read the site with the catchy headline, picture rich and attractive looking pages. I do that while waiting in the checkout line, and looking for something to pass the time with.  The marketing industry got a name for it - ClickBait.

I however am not looking for clicks. I'm looking to find which ideas resonate with people. I'm looking to see which entries get passed hand to hand and have an escalated readership.

So, I keep it ugly intentionally.

If you tend to judge books by their cover, please move on. Ugly cover here. Please move off this page in < 5 seconds as to not skew my stats.

If on the other hand, you find the ideas intriguing, by all means, drop me a note, sing me a song or just enjoy and come back when I finally do write another post.


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