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Cats, Cattle and Zebras

Or, the Animal kingdom in the cloud Something about IT seems to attract references to the animal kingdom. It might be caused by lively imagination or the unkempt nature of practitioners in the field (I'm thinking about myself). For example, the Agile movement seems to like the story of " the Chicken and the Pig ". Just as an indication as to how prevalent this meme became, I've been asked (actually, usually I do the asking) - who are the chickens and the pigs in a meeting. Only those few unaware of the meme took offense. As most powerful  memes , this one helps in communicating briefly a much more complex set of ideas, hence it's power. "You promised Cats…." you might say about now, "and all you've talked about are pigs. And when did this blog become veterinarian focused?" Bare with me for a bit... Ok. Cats. A more recent meme I've been hearing about is "Cat vs Cattle", or more frequently known as "Pet