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Thinking in Gigabytes and Cents

Origin post from CloudHealth Engineering blog. AWS offers a variety of storage options that fit different usage patterns, retention needs and cost profiles. When making an architectural choice of storage in the cloud, today you have a multitude of options to achieve your technical goals. For example, you can use RDS, or stand up your own database using EC2 and EBS. While the two options provide an almost identical service, they differ in the flexibility and cost profiles - with the right one for you dependent on your specific use case. Below is a summary of the different categories of storage options available from AWS, and a short summary of the price drivers behind them: Functional storage: This category includes storage exposed as a functional component. These are databases, traditional or modern. While these services store data, they main pricing driver is the speed of access  - the faster the required access, the higher the price. In this category you’ll find: Relat