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agility with accountability

Or,  How to retain fiscal sanity and control over cloud usage The humdrum of Lean, Agility, Cloud and Devops converging has been in the air for a while now. Sometimes it feels like teenagers on prom night discussing their upcoming exploits - many talk about it, some fumble around experimenting, and few are actually doing anything with it. $ per hour... The affinity between the movements is evident - minimize upfront investment until value is proven, while ensuring you can grown your investment and capacity as this occurs. Lean applies it to the business model, Agile to the development process and the combination of DevOps powered by "resources at the point of the mouse" of the public cloud bring it to resource provisioning. The mixture of DevOps and public cloud produce this mixture that allows companies such as AirBnB to prove their business and scale it up. There's one big fly in this otherwise delicious soup - the bean counters. They want to be able to exer