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Cocktails and clouds, or how to explain SaaS, PaaS and Iaas

Recently I’ve been finding myself at the same awkward moment repeatedly; a social gathering of one sort or another, introductions, platitudes and the inevitable 2 questions:  “what do you do?” and “oh, software, what kind of software?” I have been experimenting with different explanations and examples, but judging by the faces looking at me I might as well just said I herd cats for a living. Using familiar examples seems to resonate, it goes something like this: A:  do you used Gmail or Yahoo? WEP:  “yes… doesn’t everyone? A: Why then you’re using ‘’the cloud’’! That is just an example of SaaS. Ok. That gets the ball rolling, a bit.  But WEP (wide eyed person) is somewhat left unconvinced about this whole cloud thing. Heck, web based email has been around long before Cisco started advertising cloud on TV. Setting up this blog triggered a thought – blogging is almost as common as ATM machines and Oprah. What if this could be the linchpin in explaining cloud to my mom? So, you want a

Inaugural post

I have succumbed to the web completely - so here's a blog. Working on open source projects and interacting with the world seems to absolutely mandate that I have a blog.  Well - here it is. Some of the topics I'm involved with include, in no particular order: Open source cloud platforms, mostly OpenStack but poking at things SOA and Cloud - best buddies? Java, python ruby php and their ilk seem to be part of the territory... For the occasional excursion from excitement I try to go hiking camping and when the weather in the US NE is like today, riding. I'm still hoping to get (back) around to flying and fly my homebuilt Q200 (at that point in time, I'd probably need a pig-radar) ... that's it for today. I've got me some RAID's to configure!